Edited pictures


Here are my edited pictures i will post them all here in these few weeks or months.
I like to make pictures i like and or change the ones i dont like.


Car with Drone


Planet view


Two soldiers


Add your clan name and its a nice small banner,

Edit your own clan banner one clean version added. + Chinese sign witth the word 'love"


Just for fun

One clean aswell to add your own text


Edited logo a bit to my own style.


Some edited human logo’s.

Some evolve edited logo’s


Here are some logo’s i can send a pdf file i think in few days.


Just a ingame picture


Is there a way you can remove the background of the logos and have it as a png image?


Are you referring to the logos in the circle and hex? If so he didn’t originally do them so I’m doubting it.


As long as I understood you correctly and this is what you wanted: Better late than never.


…and the Human one.


Awesome. Thanks


here i thought this was the best place to stick this. i was originally using as a cover art for a one of my projects.
i only added the overlays, grid, info and stuff.

original artwork by QD Tricks qdtricks.org they provide free wallpapers.


Wow that looks awesome! If you could change that logo on the robot’s wrist to Human or Evo, that would be interesting hehe


thx. i was actually thinking the same thing. i will give it a go…


ok i got my my head around the blending/retouching but couldn’t decide which to upload.

and here’s an original design for Evo Team BerVed.


Totally my icon now.