Dutch / nederlandse community


Alle nederlandse spelers verzamelen!!
De Nederlandse (on officiele) Fan / players pagina`s!

Dutch players unite!!!
The Dutch (un-official) Fan / players pages!

and fatherio.nl


leuk hoor een nederlands forum, maar waarom?
we kunnen alle info toch hier ook bespreken.

fun though a Dutch forum, but why?
we are able to discuss all the info here


Als het echt aanslaat en wereldwijd mensen zich er op storten wordt `t heel on overzichtelijk hier.
En natuurlijk handig alles in het nederlands. Ook voor de jongere spelers

It will be very busy over here when it is gonna be an hype.
It`s fully dutch so quite handy for the dutch players. and the younger players.


ik heb me al lid gemaakt

I’ve already made me a member


It will definitely be busy here after the full release! :smile: Members may be a bit worried about not being able to find topics that they like or want to stay active with. Luckily, there are a few features that can help you navigate through the forum to find your favorite topics!

  1. Search bar. The simplest way to find your favorite topic is to search for its title or keywords in the posts.

  2. Bookmarks. You can bookmark as much posts as you like, including this one! just scroll to the bottom of the post and tap on the bookmark icon to bookmark the post. Whenever you want to go to your bookmarked topics, you can tap on your profile picture on your tablet or cellphone, and tap on the bookmark icon. This will bring you to a page that will display all your bookmarked posts!

I hope this helps! :sunglasses:


Hey ppl,

Amsterdam here. Excited to start playing.