Drone Operations


As you progress up in levels, you should be able to carry more than one drone. For instance, an Engineer class should be able to carry a maximum of 4 or 5 drones, and be able to set them to various tasks/preprogrammed routes.

Also, drones really need to be upgradeable for things like faster speed/larger storage capacity.

Finally, drones really should be able to be assigned “routes” with waypoints, for example, being able to assign a drone to harvest multiple squares, until your inventory is full, or, if you are on a square with a Vault on it, as long as you deposit before your inventory is full, the drone will continue to harvest squares along a preset route, until they have been exhausted.

As a secondary function, drones should be able to be configured as sentries/attack support. In combat, you could have a couple in the air watching your back, especially if you’re outnumbered.

This will make gathering resources/defense much, MUCH faster…


It would make it much easier, but maybe could break things later after full release? Considerable time after release and expansion should let the devs sort things out but i can envision this could be a class specific perk with noticable balancing counter-perks.

I think given the large size of this project with even larger growth potential its our responsibility to help grow the armies and let the Devs do the work to ease things in likely slowly and by regional tests as each area will have various characteristics. (Population counts, user areas & frequency of player-player interaction, lots of stuff).


I see where this argument is going. From what I understand, @UnitZER0, it looks like your goal is to harvest resources as quickly and as painlessly as possible. If I am misinterpreting your argument, please correct me.

However, here is my counter. I think that resources should be a representation of effort. Much like how money works. I think there should NOT be an automated way to collect resources.

As it stands now, the manual “send drone” button is necessary as it requires manual effort to press, with a payout of resources as a reward. If it were automatic collection, you would value the payout less.

Another analogy. In Pokémon Go, if you had infinite Pokéballs, you wouldn’t value them at all. However, you have to manually spin a Pokéstop or pay real money to get them. Hence, they have intrinsic value because you have to pay your time and effort to get them.

As another example, I hate the MUFG Capsule from Ingress. It devalues the items in that game so much. I am rewarded the best items in the game for free by not playing the game for extended periods of time. That is a critical design failure in my book.

I want resources to represent spent effort. I want them to be scarce. Do not reward me for not playing the game. I do not want resources to over inflate.


I respectfully disagree. Firstly, Monitoring drones and assigning waypoints to them is a pretty intensive amount of effort. True, you may not be physically moving, but have you ever tried to coordinate multiple moving objects? I routinely play RTS type games, so I can assure you, effort is applied, plus you need to monitor your teams, to ensure they are not destroyed before accomplishing their mission. It’s micromanagement at its finest.

Plus, there is no reason you cannot physically gather resources yourself while your drones are out and about. You could even have one drone specifically assigned to ferry gathered resources back to your vault, while you and the others harvest. That sounds pretty effort intensive to me…

Also, we don’t know just how much things will cost in the full game release, so I want to stay in the black as much as possible.

P.S. MUFG capsules don’t spawn items if you don’t play the game, you need to login at least once per day to earn any interest.


So long as it requires me to be online and not 100% AFK to get the resources, I’m a satisfied customer. Just don’t provide an ecosystem for bot accounts to thrive. Your argument is warming me up to the idea of micromanagement of drones.

And about the MUFG… IS THAT TRUE?! God, that changes my viewpoint on it. Thanks for enlightening me on that if that’s the case.


I really like these ideas.

There’s an on-going thread with very similar ideas that I think that you all could work off of: Upgrading Drone Harvest Capabilities :sunglasses:


I agree with no AFK functions but i i cant help but be curious if the drone in trailer wont have just a combat function in future but perhaps open up direct near station harvesting perhaps the future could see barcodes we place in real POIs? But all of this would be like 5+ years off i think.