Drone Hardware, Software Requirements?


An FPV glass would be really nice. And quite interesting.


@Noctis Drone to Drone combat is a different game.

Having drones add a role in human to human battle if different.
I like the idea of having drones assist in the combat part.
But I hate it if it turns out that the people with the most money (more drones / faster / longer flight times / better camara’s) have greater advantage than those with less money.
That would almost turn it into a pay to win.


I’m not a fan of pay-to-win either. Fortunately it is possible to keep the game balanced while allowing the use of drones:

  1. One drone per player.
  2. Player must be in the Hacker or Jammer class.
  3. A player may not switch between drone operation and ground combat during the course of a battle.
  4. Once the player's drone is "shot down" the player controlling it is considered "dead".
  5. Drones must not exceed predefined specifications for speed, maneuverability (turn radius at speed, turn rate while hovering, the ability to invert, rate of climb, rate of controlled descent), ceiling, flight time, and camera resolution. The specs should be kept modest so that the more expensive drones are ineligible.
  6. Effective firing range will be between that of a pistol and rifle.
That should prevent drones and wealthy players from breaking the game.


I would love for this game to stay free-to-play, and I know that this is the intent of FF and his team. But I’m foreseeing a few features that may be up for purchase. Here’s a link to a post about Microtransactions - Would you support it?

@Noctis I think that the drone feature will only be available on select drones.


@Noctis why would the player be cincered dead if the drone gets shot down ?
The purpose of drones to prevent loss of life when it’s shot.

@Sapper certain drones only makes a lot of sense.


I’m assuming an eliminator-style game as depicted in the videos posted on the Indiegogo page. If there is respawning then the pilot can also respawn, but only as a drone pilot, and the drone must first land in a safe (for the hardware) spot.


That would work.


@Noctis If you follow your own logic then an engineer should die when his claymore goes off as well.

The drone is an ability of certain classes I believe. (even if this is not true the following wont change)
The drone pilot is the soldier that operates the drone, the drone is his weapon.
When the drone is shot his weapon fails and he can continue the battle in person.
If the pilot is shot then the drone loses its operator and would hover without recieving orders to shoot at targets or go somewhere.
If there is a respawn game then essentially the drone pilot appears at the battle field again as if he was never killed and his drone not destroyed. He needs to launch his drone from his new location.
So in between the resparn he needs to pilot his drone back as well.
Ideally the drone has a “fly home” function that is activated when the pilot or drone is killed, during this return home the camera should be off.

If respawns cause you to lose used gear then you should be able to re-stock on gear during the respawn. (or not, depending on specifc battle rules)
Ingame resources need to be used to stock up on gear to use in in-game.
If this is true for amunition and claymores or other equipment then this is also true for drones.
When you run out of them then you cant use it in the game, even not your drone untill you have enough resources to buy a new one ingame.

Altough the phisycal drone is the same you may use a different type of drone or with different payload.
But only one per battle, being killed is the only way to switch. (also depending on battle rules, switching gear or re-stock could be on or off for a specific battle)


@MunchnetNL I’m looking at this from a balancing perspective. In matches that allow respawns item 4 is a moot point, but in eliminator matches rule 4 is the only reason drone pilots would not have an extra life. It’s either that or the game must seriously nerf the hacker and jammer classes to compensate which would be bad in respawn matches.


@Noctis the drone pilot is taking double risk.
His weapon (the drone) can be eliminated or he can be killed himself. As he is actively piloting the drone he will be less aware of his surrounding and an easier target. Also, it highly depends on how the drone functiones and handles aiming and shooting.
It may not be as easy easy as you think. If it’s just an IR transmitter on a drone shooting in the same direction everytime without targeting system (like moving a camera)
If the drones in this game shoot like that then drones will be easy to shoot down and unlikely to hit anyone. So perhaps before balancing it we need to see how it actually will work.


You make a good point.


I can agree with most things, but less on 5… i mean as long as someone dose not load his drone with some type of an aim assist, or auto aim, its going to be pretty hard to aim at someone if you move too fast, and too easy to get hit if you move slow

I do not really agree there need to be a limit on that how ever i do think maybe it will be good if the limit will be on how the drone it self is build, so for example it will have to have few hit areas, and to make sure its not covering the hit area of it self

I will love to build my own drone for these game, mostly for the fun of it, have no real problem if maybe it will be only for limited game zones or the like, but i think its better if we can make them how we like and not be limited to speed and the like
Also as it will be hard to mesure


The idea behind number 5 is that all drones must be comparable to each other so that a player with a $10,000 budget cant just dump it all into building the ultimate drone and outclass the player with a $100 budget. We want this to be a game of skill and strategy, not a game of he who has the most money wins.


I do get it, but first how do you mesure something like that? and drones are some what exspansive to build

On any case, its unlikely one drone can take out a team or anything, and its also unlikely to have many drones around
no to talk on how hard its likely to be to hit someone with a shot of it :stuck_out_tongue:

i can say pretty sure that even a very expansive drone is not likely to have that much of an advantage… expect if he puts in stabilizers and stuff…
But that can be mesured
How much of a turn he dose? or how fast he go… i do not know if you can really count that on a drone that is self build, or how you will enforce it

Even that there may need to be some standerds


At no point did I say measurement or enforcement of the specifications would be easy. I just said they would be necessary to keep it (drone to drone combat) balanced and prevent it from becoming pay to win.


@tarun I think you need to step in here. These guys make a few good points. I think you might want to moderate this and see where it goes.


I see
even that been honest i can’t see the drone area becoming that big
at least as long as the game dose not become huge


@Black_Blade I agree, the drones area will probably not become that big. But that said, you have to be prepared rules wise, not only to keep the game balanced but also from a safety perspective.

The only 2 things I would care about in terms of what a drone needs to comply with are max flight speed and size.
A battlefield is an area that changes over and over. Not the buildings but the position of players.
Drones have blades spinning at high speed.
The last thing anyone wants is people getting hurt by drones.
If you ever looked at commercial drone races in things like mall’s, the audience is protected by large heavy duty nets. I am not saying we need these for this game. It’s just to show that these things can cause serious injuries. 1 drone per person should probably be 1 drone per team in the battle. However, some area’s are not even open enough for 2 drones while other areas are open enough for 10 drones. So it could also be battle specific.
For quick matches, that you start yourself. Use common sense. For official matches. This could very well not be scalable to have drones at all due to safety / insurance / liability.


Hmmm, yea but differs


But that’s not 100% percent fare tho. If you got shot down, you shouldn’t just die. But get a grace, so like a regeneration time to collect your drone or something then go back in to flight mode.