Drone Hardware, Software Requirements?


I know that part of the Indiegogo campaign, a mile stone for the use of drones was not achieved. I hope it will be considered in the future.

I recall that the use of a Parrot Drone was noted in the goal. I personally think that this might change. The drone market has changed drastically in the past 2 years. It would be cool though if proxy42 contracted a drone manufacture to make a trademark father.io speced drone. I’d buy a drone made/designed for Father.IO

If that was even possible, what performance specs or functionality would you want on a drone specifically made for Father.io?

Things I would consider:

  • Good Range
  • Good Battery/Flight time 20min
  • 1080P camera with zoom
  • Ability to use a radio transmitter
  • Change the color of applicable faction
  • targeted follow/GPS based


  • Ability to add mods ie increased drone shield, EMP, deploy resources to team
  • Remote viewing from computer, phone or tablet
  • open source: Use the community, apps, mods, changes approved by proxy42

That’s all I have for now. I wouldn’t mind experimenting with a parrot drone and using open source SDKs to try and make something. It just sounds so awesome to deploy a real drone to assist in a skermish.

Upgrading Drone Harvest Capabilities
Upgrading Drone Harvest Capabilities

All these ideas sound great. Only issue I see with using drones is a lot of places are starting to ban them, due to concerns of privacy invasion, etc. It would suck to spend so much money on a drone, and the area you want to play in they have some type of ban on them.


in the case of Argentina, for example, unmanned aircraft are banned for civilian use. or in particular cases can be licensed as a private operator drones, drones press operator, operator Drones security forces. In either case it is a very cumbersome process, which generates extra expenses. and I do not think this use convenient because the user could generate a lawsuit.


I understand that countries have different laws/regulations on the use of unmanned aircraft and it’s unfortunate that some players will miss out on the play experience because of this. (if it ever takes off). BUT, let’s say an Evolved player is in Argentina, and the other is in the US. The US team says they need “eyes in the skies” or Air Support and they have a Drone ready but no pilot. Well…they ping their good’ol buddy from Argentina to fly the Drone remotely on there computer to assist. I so can see this happening.


I do agree
hope they do allow it, planing to build my own drone for these if they do… will be great fun if possible


How do you plan on building your own?? Kinda intrigued by that statement.


I’ve built a medium size one with a bamboo frame. This one is great for beginners however:


self building drones/qruad copters is a hobby around the world :blush:
you can buy the parts and build it from that, making you own, that i do think at least here end up cheaper and better then one you buy in stores
can self pogream it as well that allows some interesting things :wink:


A Phantom 4 is a must have for this app


Excellent ideas and suggestions. I think we’re still a long time away from parrot drone usage - maybe 2018 for the release? However, I’m sure a parrot drone would first be introduced in an official Father.IO tournament or event. Following it’s introduction, the drones may only be authorized for usage during certain tournaments, and not during quick matches. I don’t think Proxy42 Inc. wants to have to worry about the issues that come with having their drones used in public. But who knows? :sunglasses:


Should be great to see racing drones like walkera f210 or even smaller like Walkera Rodeo 150 with inceptors…and would be great to see aerial combats using FPV goggles… and not just for Father.io
Men…hurry up! I can’t wait…


All good ideas but I think the core functionalities are a big priority.
When those are 100% extra things like real drones would make it a lot cooler.

I for example am stoked about the PC playable part of the game.


Drone to drone combat sounds like a lot of fun.


We need drones!!! Are there going going to be brand by father io? Or any drone is good


On the campaign site, it mentions the goal of using the “Parrot Drones, Open SDK.”


I have few ideas and selection on drone


I dont think they will be branded by father.io but I believe like they will implement virtual reality they will implement the drones to be compatible with the app regardless of the type of drone maybe have a select few models.


That idea sounds alright!. It would be grate if they added more #Drone compatibility & made a specialized VR for mobile drone flights (meaning a seamlessly compatible portable VR head set),


@taegames they have to reach the funding goal for physical drones first.


Why using a VR headset? i mean if you do not have a 360 view camara on your drone, VR will be some what pointless i think
Or do you mean more something like a FPV glass?