DragonCon 2018 Father.io LARP Event


Dragoncon 2018 Father.io 4 day LARP Event
Location: Atlanta, GA
Date: Labor Day weekend (1st weekend in Sept)
Join fellow father.io players in this 4day multi-hoteL event. Which team will capture all the map points at Dragoncon? Only time will tell.

Strategic Map Areas:
Hyatt Hotel (6 map squares)- Humans Base, Players Zone, and key Start Points
Hilton Hotel (6 map squares) Evolved Base, Players Zone, outdoor battle area, and key Start Points
Marriott Hotel- (8 map squares) PowerUps, outdoor battle area, and start points
Westin Hotel- (2 map squares) Drone Powerup and start points
Sheraton Hotel- (3 map squares) PowerUps, indoor poolside battle area, and start points

Out of Bounds Areas:
AmericaMart- Safe Zone - No Battles Permitted due to permits
Peachtree Mall- Open Area - No impact on game results.
Skybridges- Safe Zone - No Battles Permitted


This sounds like a lot of fun! I am conveniently located near Atlanta so this is great!


Im one of the senior techop leads for Dragoncon so there shouldn’t be an issue getting this pushed through.


If you think you may wanna play please list #players and your faction. Also if you have additional interceptors list how many you have.

4 inteceptors on my end.
2 additional from another player as well


Okay let me text my friends and get some numbers for you