Don't download APK from non Playstore sorces


For those of you that are having trouble finding the correct place to download the APK for " Father.IO - Tactical Map Beta " Here you go.

Father.IO - Tactical Map Beta

I’m posting this because in everyone’s enthusiasm to play this awesome game they may try to find it from “unauthorized” sources, some of which will be virus or malware/bloatware. I’d hate for Father.IO to get a bad name becuse some schmuck that got a bad copy rants and raves about it being a virus before the game even gets off the ground.

I mean, yes in the game storyline it’s a virus, but not IRL.


There’s also a website that makes you download an outdated version. Can’t remember the name right now. Thanks for sharing!


I believe this is an old version now. Can someone confirm this?


That link will always host the latest version


I honestly though that Father.IO wasn’t that popular at first since I joined in at, I’m guessing the late beggining of beta. Then people started to roll into chat and in came some firsts. Never mind that last part, but I’m glad that people are just this exited for this game.