Do we have any knowledge on the hard release of the game?


Do we have any knowledge on the hard release of the game?


Pft I just want the soft release of the fps just to see how it looks


Hard knowledge? Yes, this exists. According to the latest update from Oct 11, 2017…

"Inceptors will then be available for sale around Christmas time in selected retail chains in Europe, so get ready to find a lot of new friends around your cities!"

We know that if the Inceptors are available, then the game will be available. This quote translates to ‘the game will available around Christmas,’ but that doesn’t mean that the game can’t release sooner than that.

From what I see, they have promised a release in about 2 months max, but it may be sooner.

Help me. I tried everything

We can only make educated guesses based on their past updates, comments and previous delays.

It’s a fact, that they’ve announced the final release many times now.
And it’s also a fact, that they sometimes only tell us about delays, after the deadline has passed…

… and that things can change in one month notice:


All of this lead to the the infamous and over-used phrase “soon” - which roughly translates to “well, it hasn’t happened now. It will probably happen in the future, but we have no darn clue when”