Dangerous areas security


Do you think it would be a good idea, the developer or the moderators in the game have the opportunity to claim areas as unattainable ; military bases, protected historic places, dangerous cliff else. All this in order to avoid private property or other problems. Unless either it’s already in the plans.


I mean yes and no. How do you keep it from being abused?


Well instead of in game feature (people could abuse it’s true). It coulf be a map where the community pin places known ad restricted. Some of the dev team after can search and.confirm or not if it’s true. It’s a huge work. But, could reduce the chances of bad situations.


I also feel like this is an important issue. You don’t want sensitive areas being populated by a large amount of people. That could cause a lot of problems.


@arguen and @Sapper are correct.
@tarun @IamYourVirtualFather


I think this is actually a very good idea, there could just be no tiles to capture in these areas and it would avoid the bad reputation AR games got due to Pokèmon GO and some areas being crowded by players 24/7. With Ingress that worked for a very long time now, I have only heard of a single incident in Germany where the management of an ex-concentration camp asked Niantic to remove the portals there as it felt inappropriate to them that people were playing a game in a place where thousands of people were murdered. So I would support the idea of a community driven map with areas that should not be accessed by players for whatever reason.


no it wasnt the concentration camp. It was the idiotic press that had no clue what was actually going on or what they were talking about. Especially since all the places the media was bitching about replicated the locations own website.


Yeah I didn’t understand it either because I was a player and I think the media would have reacted otherwise if they had known how the game actually works and what it is about.


Concur with Sapper and arguen, potential battles in places like graveyards are best avoided in my opinion… Could set up an email that players send addresses into? Quick google maps/earth search in most cases would reveal if the areas in question are actually hazardous.


This is a responsibility for the player, just like with another popular virtual reality mmo these days all the game developer has to do is let them know they have to abide the law.
Maybe unsafe places can be reported by users however to give a message to other people in that area.


Do you think developers would move towards creating “boundaries” or “no-player” zones for battles? For example, let’s say a graveyard is marked as a “no-player” zone during battles. If players enter the area during battles they lose health/gun locks up and are unable to continue to fight until they leave the “no-player” area.

I was thinking that players could still be tracked by GPS during battles.


Official battle places will be listed in the future and can be suggested by players so yeah. I assume if a graveyard would be suggested it will not be accepted.

Kind of like how portals can be suggested for ig


It sounds like a lot of players do believe in off-limits areas. While keyword searching Google Maps for “graveyard” or “cliff” would work for most situations, I doubt it will catch every area that’s truly off-limits, and some valid places to play would be flagged as off-limits.

Do we want a hybrid of automating the off-limits flagging from the game release with a player white/blacklisting system? Or are there other ideas? Is there even an answer?

The problem with this system is that some players would abuse that system if power is given to them. What checks and balances do people suggest because a ‘benevolent’ approval community would require a ton of labor to upkeep.

I am an Ingress player, so I know how well that ‘benevolent’ approval committee works - not quickly.


I think safeguards should be implemented when Players choose their grids to battle in. Developers obviously won’t know where every cliff begins or which construction sites have just been set up. Players should be responsible for their safety and the safety of those they play with. As a community, it is our responsibility to do our best to enforce safety standards and take care of these issues at our level, while the dev team and staff can take care of their responsibilities at their level :sunglasses:


If I was to join a battle then I assume I would at least know basic information about the area. If someone makes a game and sets it up right next to the cliffs then I would think twice about joining that game. Perhaps I could make an in app photo’s (not select photo from phone) of the cliff to submit it as a dangerous battle. It would not interrupt the battle and the people participating do so at own risk. But it does flag the dangerous area with my GPS coordinates for community based review.


Will it be possible to relinquish tiles you’ve acquired as blank spaces? In the vein of this thread, I’ve begun to amass a large amount of tiles, but I’m trying to respect private property. There’s 1 square I’d like to give up for example, because I acquired it while the GPS was out of focus, but wouldn’t want to return to it as it’s private property not my own.


I think a bigger thing would be to open things up to this for “Review and Removal” They could be made “Toxic” where anyone going in there would be penalized for being in there. The issue with this is how do you control it and make sure its not abused by a team that wants to restrict the area of play. However since it would be off limits to both sides it would kind of create a self policing mentality, I hope.


I think it would be a good idea to give player the opportunity to suggest a field as dangerous and then the local commander has to “mark” the suggested field if he too thinks it dangerous. If the players are not happy with the way their commander handles this they can just elect another one!

Edit: What i forgot to mention is that in the “marked” areas its forbidden to start a fps-game


I’m not supporting this but a battle in area 51 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and yes I think they should have toxic tiles its like most games with borders they have limits And per hap a shrinking border think about it if there’s a sniper in the corner and you can’t reach them nor see them it would force them to play fair


Terrain has, and always will be, an equalizer on the battlefield. :sunglasses: