Customizable Community Lazer Tag Gaming


I would like to organize a community game and I have a few suggestions that I don’t believe have been implemented in this system yet,

First, I think the option to organize a game should be made available to someone who is not a party or participants in the actual game. Kind of like a moderator that can keep score and referee.

Second, allow up to four (or more) teams with individual names, and team scoring as well as individual scoring. (This would allow for groups to challenge other groups and maintain team scoring, I believe this will ultimately keep people connected to the game and give them a reason to keep playing)

Thirdly, allow the moderator to keep score of the individual and team scores, in addition to calling for official timeouts, pausing the game to respond to emergencies, and if possible making announcements through the game, I know that’s a reach but it would be cool. ( I believe it is a lot easier to manage a game if there is a third party keeping an eye on things, opposed to an individual who is a part of the game Who is spending their time just having fun)

Fourth, with permission from the individual gamers or participants, allow the moderator to broadcast live footage of the game on social media. (I believe this will attract more people to the game itself which may lead to more individuals buying the inceptors and downloading the app)

Lastly, well for now, lol, a customizable leaderboard that can be shared amongst teams to reinforce competition and participation. (I believe every person who wants to play this game as a team would like to see how well the team is doing and compete for a top spot, which should keep them playing the game)

I hope I’m not asking too much but I believe with these improvements it will be beneficial for all parties, those who wish to organize games, those who wish to play the game, and I’m sure that your mission is to have as many people playing your software as possible, I believe these suggestions will increase visibility and increase the word of mouth promotion for this product.