Connect with VR headset?


I think is a cool concept but looking everything on a phone is “unrealistic”, it might feel much better if it’s connected to a VR headset and players could see easily and also do not require an inceptor? (I think headset could provide the functions of the inceptor) I think it wouldn’t mess up the balance because you will easily become a target with a headset on a street.

Any ideas or proposals about that?


Do you propose a game without the inceptor? On the forum of the makers of the inceptor?

Not going to happen.


He said
"Sell VR headset with Inceptor function."

My comment
I think it took long time to do this because VR headset make u can’t find distance of real world (I think you don’t see anyone walk on street with VR headset) each devices’s camera is different it’s hard to do it.


This is interesting! How would you fire and change your weapon though? Also, would you accept being at a disadvantage when it comes to situational awareness, especially in open-areas where there may be heavy vehicle/pedestrian traffic? It may be a good idea, but imagine kids playing this with VR headsets on in heavy traffic areas. :sweat_smile:


No VR please thanks.


This could only work indoors literally.