Comments and reviews of version 2.3.3


I just downloaded the latest version of the application (v2.3.3)

This update brings an improvement of the UI with the arrival of a leaderboard and a menu to find players around you.

  • For my part, the menu “Nearby” (to find players around you) does not work; it tells me to wait, again and again …
    It “worked” only the very first time by mentioning players named “user_” followed by numbers. In addition, these players were ALL within 0.0km of me. I can conclude that, for my part, it does not work yet.

  • The update now includes pop-ups regarding the use of the application and bluetooth. I find that good.

  • Aside my avatar, above my level, our faction appears. Personally I am Evolved. However, it is the emblem of the Human faction that appears. I suspect that this was randomly chosen and that it must be the same for everyone. But I still wanted to notify him.

  • I find it unfortunate that we can not change the menu by sliding our finger on the screen, or at least on a menu bar at the bottom.

-Also, the minigame “headshot game” has disappeared. I find it a shame, he could have a first approach to the weapons of the game, without having as a constraint a drone trying to kill you. I note however that on the Google Play Game, the successes regarding this minigame still exist

  • I was expecting a more dense update in view of the time of preparation of this one and the non communication around it. I was obviously hoping for the return of the Tactical Map. But it’s actually a little update …
    In view of the leap forward in the numbering of the various updates published, I deduce that the development posed many problems.

I just ask the developers to let us know if they have any problems or delays on the project.
It may be necessary to start thinking about the user because he is the one who financed the project; it therefore seems logical that he wants to be informed of the progress of the project.

Feel free to post your comments and opinions and different points of view regarding this update in answers.


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