Claimed squares with resources are not generating anything


Some claimed squares that i have with resources on them do not have the blue back ground and are generating zero energy and coins.


Nice find. I’ve had the same problem, but after providing the Area number (like you have in the second picture) here in the forum, it was fixed.

However, I do not think that this would be fixed any time soon because of the recent release of the new tactical map. But don’t let that stop you from claiming area. The more areas you have, the more resources you can claim!! :sunglasses:

Unsolved Mysteries: Bugs and Issues Edition

Sorry to beat a dead horse and revive a major old topic that may be well known but I am losing tiles at a very rapid pace, what can I do? I want my claims to stay!

Claimed squares disappear

I think I might be losing my resource inside the bank when this happens to, I had way more than I do now.


@tarun @IamYourVirtualFather @Kaj and the devs (don’t know any devs names) this could be a big issue.


Not sure what may be causing this. Let’s hope it is not there in the 3D version.


Any news on this situation? I’ve just started and its happening to me too


This should be fixed by now. Can any one confirm?


Working for me, no issues currently!