Change Start Game-Countdown on Quick Game


As the title said: There is no reason to start the countdown immediately after the game gets created.

Instead I would add a Start Game button for the game host, which starts then a 10 or 5 second countdown.

So the players can take the time they need to get everybody connected and set all up.

Changed title


I’d like that idea if the “host” wasn’t on one of the teams. The countdown at the team selection screen and the countdown to the start of the game allows both teams to equally do what they need to do in order to prepare for the match.

If the host had the power to start the match, then one team may have the advantage in a sense that they control the tempo of the game. I’m looking at it from a paintball point of view where the match start and rest times are set to give each team the same amount of time to prepare. How well a team does during the match shows how well they work and how prepared they were as a team prior to the match. :sunglasses:


I get your point so perhaps the first player of the other faction (or one of the classes, any other idea?) gets also a Button like “Team is ready”.

If booth Teams (Leader, Host, Class, call it how you like ^^) pressed ready the “final” countdown starts. So booth teams can take their time.

To avoid that one team delays the game too long increase the initial timer (2, 3, 4,… Minutes). Perhaps make it depend on in- (less time) or outdoor (more time because of potential more players).

Additionaly as one Team press ready the counter could get down to a specific time (30 seconds, 1 min,…). But I think if I understand you right you would prefer without this addition to keep it fair.

The reason why asking for something like that is because of the nature of technology, different smartphones and the problems that come with that.

Players struggle to connect in time, troubles finding game, connections got lost, app crashes, batteries got empty, you name it.

In a perfect world 20 people connect in no time and the game starts without any problem. In our world we needed 3 tries to start a 1 vs 1 because the timer run out of time and one player was alone in the game.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just take a look at nearly any multiplayer game for PC and how it is handled there.

My suggestion only counts for the quick game mode. At any other mode there can be circumstances which could force other time countdown “rules” (just to say it and avoid comments like “but at a big event or in game mode xyz” or equal). That would be a different topic :slight_smile:


I see where you’re getting at, but correct me if I’m straying off your point! :smile:
Some example of what I think you’re talking about:

  1. “Team captains” both have a “Team Ready” button that initiates the countdown.
  2. Each Player must select a class. Once each Player selects a class, the countdown to begin the match initiates.

Is that where you’re going with it? I like the idea because you bring up a good point.

Yeah, definitely will have some connectivity issues. Would be nice to make sure that everyone has joined the game, selected the class, and are synced with their team. Makes for a better match! :sunglasses:

Aside from the connectivity issues that may occur, I would still instill a timer that initiates a countdown regardless if everyone joined the match or selected the class in time. I think you mentioned that too.



That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

That’s also an good idea but the problem that could raise here is that the game don’t know how many players will join. Is it a 1on1, 2on2 or something different? The game doesn’t know this.

Yes, that’s what I meant by “increase the initial timer”. For players with no connection problems they can start the game quick (both press “Team Ready”) and it doesn’t matter if the initial timer is even set to 5 or 10 minutes. And the other players get enough time to setup what’s necessary. Both teams get also a little more time to go to their “start zone” after joining the game.

Related to the “start zone”: On which distance to the host is it possible to join the game? And does the gps location play a role or do the inceptors “sense” each other?