Change (or recover old) Ingame Name


As many others I’ve got the problem that my username from the tactical map (beta) didn’t got transfered to the new App.

On the “new registration” (with the same mail address as used in the beta and on indigogo) I’ve tried to use the same Username but I’ve got the message that my name was already in use.

Now my name ingame name is user_XXXXX what is really disappointing.

Got my four inceptors today and we did a quick match. My girlfriend re-registered her account today and she was able to take her old name. I’ve re-registered as the FPS-App was new released so perhaps something got changed recently?

Is there any official statement regarding the ingame names?
Is my old username in any database and can get recovered? Is there any chance to change it on my own?

I’m really don’t want to play the game as user_XXXXX. Since the inceptor is now bound to my mail address I’m not able to use it with another mail address (as far as I read and understand it). Also if I want to get the progress from the tactical map (as it gets released someday…) I need to use this mail address.

So any help or official statement would be really appreciated.

Perhaps @IamYourVirtualFather can help?


2 days and still no answer?

Ah I got it! You already got my money, so you don’t need to give me support!?

You have to learn a lot if you want to have happy customers. This is just a joke whats going on here.

It should not be such a big deal to change a damn username in your database.

I’m really disappointed about this and I regret that I supported this project nearly 2 years ago because you don’t give a f*** about your customers.

What a pitty…


Still waiting…
Is it really such a problem to change a name?


I got the problem that their are no login fields anymore, only Facebook which i did not use to register. So yes, how to get your old nickname back and all the money in the Vault for build/buying i have picked up for many many days while capturing ground for my team?


At best when the tactical map is back. At this time the collected resources are useless/not available.
As far as I know there is no ETA for the release of the map so we have to wait.

When I look at the current state of the game there is much work left and I think it will take another 1-2 years until it is nearly a finished game.


I used the wrong player ID and am also afraid all my beta progress will be lost. I wish a dev would chime in so we can see if this can get fixed. Luckily I have not got my order yet but they are on their way.


At least I found the point “change username” on their “in progress” list on the public trello list. So it seems they are working on it.

I hope I can choose my old name then, at the registration it said it was already in use.

But I think it is a pitty that nobody responded so far here. It would had taken only a minute to give this information…That’s dissappointing :confused: We supported them so far away and there were delays what’s all ok but to need help and didn’t get support is a no-go…

What do you mean exactly? Another username as in the tactical map?


Yeah when I was logging in for the 1st time I used a different user name instead of the one I had been working on for months claiming territory and resources. It was my bad but don’t see any options to change user name associated with my email.


I think this should not be a problem if you used the same mail address :slight_smile:

The name shouldn’t matter in this case because the accounts are “linked” through the mail address.


Same Problem. I only get facebook login but my facebook has an other email then the one i used in beta to register. Hope they fix that soon that it is possible to login via the email adress i used and get my username back and change the user name any time. its really just a simple insert in the db to change that.

I know its beta and there is lot of work to do until everything is working the way it should be. But please do not start to ignore the users like an other company , the one with the two OO in the middle of their name. Just keep in Mind, the user are those player who will boost this game up in space or bury it. As a developer i now it is sometimes not so easy to realize the wishes of somebody, but everything is possible but it takes a little time.

So far good work and i’m exited to so what is coming soon.