Can’t share incepter with another account


Thanks for the hard work you have put in this project! The idea is awesome!
I would like to know what is the progress of the temporary ownership transfer feature? After all it has been one month since this discusion was opened. Seems like a simple problem to fix. Just a button in app’s UI and an entry into a database :wink:
I also share the same problem. One of my inceptors was connected with my friend’s facebook accounts so now there is no way I could give this inceptor to another friend. I backed the project with an idea in mind that I will be able to organize short matches between my friends, whoever they may be. But now I am left with one unsharable inceptor and bad UX.
Hope to hear from you soon!


@Lorenzo118 - Should be there in 2 releases (approx 2-3 weeks)


That sounds great! Thank you for the straight forward answer! :smiley:


Did someone really tried this with a number of Inceptors?

Does it really work well or there are some problems with it?


Here’s my situation and it had worked great for me. I realize it won’t work for everyone, but this is the best option I’ve seen.

I have two interceptors, I also have 2 phones, Nexus 5 & 5X. Following the advice from @Ihsees , I logged in to my account with my username/password on my main phone, created a new account using my email with the +1 modifier for the second phone/interceptor. Now I can allow my friend to play the game with me and don’t have to worry about unbinding the QR code.


yes, it works. I’ve successfully used it for my inceptors.

Although - at this point - I’d wait for the new app update that might allow temporary inceptor sharing.