Can’t share incepter with another account


Phone: iPhone 7
Problem: I use my friend’s phone connect with my of my incepter first, then another friend can’t use the QR code to connect the same one incepter, is the QR codes only can be scanned for once? How can I change the connection from one to another?


Let me know if you find tve solution, as i have a bunch coming and need them to be able to sync to different phones regularly


I hope the dev. team can answer me soon, too.


Hi @oldstrong:
the QR codes are bonded to your account (username / password) - and authorize the account to the use of the Inceptor. You don’t need to scan your QR code again.

You can use the inceptor with any phone, as long as you login in with your authorized account. If you want to forget the inceptor in one of your phone, just go in settings (top left icon) and “forget the inceptor”. will try to connect with the closest inceptor around you.


Hello @IamYourVirtualFather,

do you plan to undo the lock of the inceptor to one account in the future?

Or will this be a permanent thing?
What would then be the best way to get people interested in the game (as you can’t just give them the inceptor to try it out)?


Hi @IamYourVirtualFather
So the QR code only can use once to activate one account? Because my friend just test for me after all, and it makes the one who really holds the inceptor can’t activate his account with the same QR code. Can any possible to make the QR codes able to use again?


I think is best to keep the lock in case of lost or stolen.


we are updating our faq: with the answers to all these questions. Will reply here once the new FAQs are online.

Btw, we heard your feedback and working on new features to facilitate temporary share and ownership transfer of the inceptor.


Maybe adopt a system similar to the tracking device, tile, which allows the owner of a tile to “gift” the tile to another account there for making it so that a thief must log into an account that the interceptor belongs to and gift it to themselves, just an idea but i feel that the inability to transfer an interceptor from account is a tiny bit of an oversight but that is just my 2 pence


this is exactly what we are doing :slight_smile:


I guess great minds think alike then at? :joy::joy:


Hmmm… so best solution at the moment would be:
to have the owner of the inceptor (me) create as many accounts as inceptors i have (4).
And hand out the accounts to friend that pair the inceptor with their phone using one of my accounts with the corresponding qr-code for that specific inceptor.

I’ve marked my inceptors at the moment by putting a small black dot in the white line under the trashcan
logo to be able to tell them apart, because i figured the qr-code was a match with the specified inceptor.

However, i’ve created an account for my wife, and a friend created one as well using the qr-codes.
So now i have to use the account he has created in order to let someone else play with the inceptor… kinda… a hassle imho.

So my tip, create accounts like:

And you’re golden.

My two cents.
Sicerely yours,


unfortunately, a hassle, yes.

But at the moment I think this is be the best solution.
Although I don’t like it at all


turns out, that if you have a GMail-E-Mail account then setting up multiple email accounts to go with your is really easy (don’t know about other e-mail providers)

basically, if you own
then accounts created with

also end up in your inbox…


Hi @IamYourVirtualFather ,
looks like I paired both inceptors with my FB account (one from my iPhone, one from OnePlus).

  1. Can now play a match between the two? Not been able insofar.
  2. How can I unlink one of the two inceptors to link it with another account, if it’s the only way to have them play against each other?



Me too.I think the QR Code can use more than once is user friendly.Because so many people may not know the game,not yet to buy the tag.we can share the Laser tag to other ones who want to play,they just need to create account and play it!


I have the same issue… Im backer for a year and half, a friend of mine receipt the inceptor and tested… And now I cannot use the inceptor :frowning:

By the way, he used his facebook account to login in the game to do the test, now the inceptor is connected with his facebook acount and cannot be transfer to an user/password account or another facebook account

I really wanted to test and play the game, but wait another year to get another inceptor… Im considering buying another inceptor, but I dont want to wait another year to get a new one…

Please @IamYourVirtualFather there is someway to do a permanent inceptor transfer between accounts?

There is a solution roadmap to know when I could use my inceptor?



Has this been solved? If not I hope you’ve noticed there’s a forget inceptor otion.

If that doesn’t work maybe use the same account on both apps/phones for now.


It seems like the QR code is not a match to the inceptors because I have four connected to four different facebook account and I can use any inceptor I want in any of the phones already loged in to their own account.


Is there any solution for me to transfer the permission of using inceptor(which the QR code was made for) from one account to another? Because one of my inceptor was activated by my friend’s account, I wanna make the transition to get back the rights of using it. It has been a long time since I first asked, and I think that many people had the same question too. But we haven’t got any official solution to help us to fix it. So please tell us that is any possible to do it? Or the progress which you’re working on, thanks.