Calling Out all Devs


I think it’s time a few issues I have with, honestly I’m quite upset with how loosely you have decided to use the word “pre order”.

When I “pre ordered” my incepter I believed by “pre ordering” that I would receive my item at launch.

However I know incepters are being sold in store now and I have yet to receive mine.

Why have you forgotten us, those who backed you up on indiegogo? You’ve totally put us backers on the back burner to say with no apologies or compensation.

I feel you used false advertisement, using the word “pre order” to deceive others like myself into purchasing this early on.

When I “pre order” something, I typically receive it the day it is available in store or online so this is why I don’t understand.

Please enlighten me, if you can.


Actually not all devs… . Just the one in charge of Logistics …
Additional to this Backers got shafted … Though there is a difference between backer and pre order “in Demand” … . +1


Please read the updates in their Indiegogo campaign page. I’m not sure if you’ve read it already, but it’s a great place to start:

Hope you feel enlightened :sunglasses:


Still nothing about the insult…