California Players Callout


Hello @ninjarar,
I play around the Inland Empire and Orange County. I’ve been waiting for the Inceptor devices to get closer to shipping to start putting efforts into building an early infrastructure for the Human faction. Let’s collaborate! There are other beta players in my area who are also interested so we’re making a Google+ Community in the hopes to get others excited about the upcoming release. Attention: HUMANS - USA - Southern California Division

– General HanSolo
“Never tell me the odds!”


Greetings from good 'ol San Berdoo!

– General HanSolo
“Never tell me the odds!”


Irvine, Ca


San Mateo County here


…reawakens sleepy post…

San Mateo County


LA here! Torrance to be exact…


Im in Los angeles and got the device yesterday. I live by Larchmont/Hancock Park area.


Venice/ Santa Monica area


Bako 661. To the i.e… Whats good