California Players Callout


I have seen other bluebirds in the California regional chat, just not here. If you live in California say your location. I’ll start: Los Angeles, more specifically Glendale.


I live in Oceanside @ninjarar


California brea orange County


Hey CleverCarlos good 2 c ppl from the regional chat here


Yes it’s hard to find ppl at all. I notice some evolved poi kinda close by
but no one is responding…


San Diego here


I dont play yet but i will and im in LA Reseda


I’m with the Evolved, from San Diego, California.


If anyone wants to add me to their team hit me up for my email.


Yo, same here. we should meet up sometime


Fresno & Morro Bay


How old are you @DarthVader


Who lives in Moreno Valley? I live there at the moment.


Getting close to 20


I’ll be in Cali next week!! :smiley:


I’m in my upper 20’s


I want to get a badge to PM people.


any moe ppl frpm Southern Cali?


I live in Vista not to far away help us claim the theaters XD



Now that launch is right around the corner I’d like to revive this old post to call out to my California players and let you all know to post ASAP if you get your interceptor and to start claiming heavy if you haven’t yet.

Cali Marin County Bay Area