Brookstone shipping by the 15th?


Having been a long time backer, who always looked optimistically at the delays… have to say i’m a bit disappointed in your decision to produce units for retail prior to filling orders of the backers whose investment made your dream possible…

You better consider adding a valuable perk to the backers, as this is piss poor customer service…

@IamYourVirtualFather I’m looking at you


@Kentner please be careful with jumping to conclusions. Not everything is always as it appears on the surface. There are things that are moving around and bumps to be smoothed out. Look at the latest update and probably one coming in the next few hours to give you details. Rest assured there are inceptors for all the backers and they are in the process of being shipped.


Funny thing is that exactly what was feared occurred. And they never have acknowledged it much less apologized or have tried to make it up to us.

no need to close this …