Big Problem with customs in germany


Big problem. The German customs only issues the package upon presentation of the declaration of conformity and presentation of a German-language manual. If I have not in four days, the package goes back to the sender and I get threatened with a penalty!
Hope for great and fast help!


I would suggest you to write an email to or with all details.


Hi - got my package today ( NRW/ Germany) from local customs directly- no problem nor any add. questions raised. The only issue was that I had to proof the payment for the product ( done in 2016…)
That was all. Have a nice evening - PM


@ParaSid, yes I wrote to this adress. Hope they have the CE-declaration and the security instructions for download.


Today I got the CE statement. But not the safety and operating instructions in German. I have now written one myself (my business) and make it available to the team. Let’s see what the customs says

Heute bekam ich die CE-Erklärung. Aber nicht die Sicherheits und Bedienunganleitung in deutsch. Ich habe nun eine selbst geschrieben (my business) und stelle sie dem team zur Verfügung. Mal sehen was die Zollfritzen dazu sagen werden…


I think the customs are also different, based of your location in germany.
I live in the very south of Baden-Württemberg and i hat to get to the customs for showing them the invoice of the inceptors and opening the package.
I ordered 2 packages of inceptors 1xInceptor and another package with 2xInceptor.
My mistake (and luck) was that i showed them the bill of the 1x Inceptor. The customs officer said, that the price is too low for paying taxes.
The second package with 1x Inceptor arrived with the postal service without any customs-reports.


Today I received a mystery packet. Marked with a big red label : “Return to sender”. What was in it?
Yes, my two Inceptors!
I think the custom services was gone the easier way and let it passed to me instead return to China.
Es geschehen noch Zeichen und Wunder… :slight_smile:

Danke fürs Mitlesen