Beta app update [bug fixes]


We just updated the tactical map beta app yesterday, and brought in some bug fixes. We are working on a more polished update for the map and adding some more functionality to it - as a hint, you will be able to use your resources to do a lot more stuff :wink:

The bugs we intended to fix in this release are:

If you find any of these is not fixed, do let us know.


New team function?

Nice to see one of my reports has been usefull :ok_hand:


Thanks for that Announcement! I’ll check it out soon! :smiley:


i am exited to now what is the “lot more stuff”


do these update auto update? are they DB updates or app. updates? i only ask cause a friend with the game is having issues which it might be a account issue and nothing to do with these but figured i would ask anyways!


@stunkcuf this depends on what device you are using and what the app store / play store settings are.
Best bet is to go to the app page within the store and check if an update is available or you’re using the latest version.


Hey, they are always a mix. If you have auto update enabled on your phone then the app will auto update. Even then, whatever issue your friend has, please ask him to raise an issue in the forum. :slight_smile:


been trying to get him to send me pictures or get on the forums to post the issues he is having! but he has yet to do so…
Pretty much sounds like his account runs in a kind of god mode
-can collect unlimited resources
-can not bank
-can not build structures
-able to claim squares, but not build
-can claim with out actually being on the square
-unlimited power (i think)

  • resource tiles automatically refill (about an hour) to max

these are some of the issues he has brought up in conversation.


Are you sure, you guys are talking about the same application? o.O



Just installed the app on my iOs device today, been claiming a few tiles and have 120 of both ressources but somehow can’t build any structures… the “tab” doesn’t show up, only the “info” and “harvest” tabs show up… can’t I build if there are POI on the same tile? and/or do I need to be on the tile to build? (both don’t work after testing but maybe I’m doing something wrong?)

Thx for the help


You can only build one structure per claimed tile


That shall change soon. :smiley:

Tarun Garg


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@tarun such a tease :slight_smile: