Beta app invites


Trying to be an ios beta tester… sent messages but no responses… i’m a 10 pack backer from feb 2016…

Thank you


thank you for doing this beem looking for ios game invites for a while


Just as a reminder for all the iPhone ppl. There is a limited number of slots allowed by Apple for beta testers and with the game being so close to launch new invites are probably a low priority even if there is openings. So be careful in your communication attempts because the more we bug the dev team the more time away from being able to deliver they take


Want to try,


I don’t know how to PM at all, maybe because I don’t have the correct badge but if you can please just email it to me. I live in Dallas, TX so if you want to test out bigger cities I’m here. My email is: and my Apple ID email is:


Guys, for now, please don’t list any emails. Ok? It’s a privacy thing.


I was an Ultimate Early Bird backer and still never got my invite. Whats the point of an early bird backer if I’m getting game late. I’m sorry but my hype is dying with the waiting.


Can’t belive this has been happening for this long.



That is a good ? I want to up grade my phone in a few months. Will I still have the same account?


ummm Ultimate Early Bird here… Am I able to play in the beta. I was 1 of the first to buy the Father.IO and I still havent recieved a invite to IOS beta to the game as of yet. Am I just SoL. Not hearing nothing sucks. I hear people playing in beta and stuff. If Im not gonna be playing the game this year, I would like my money back then of $25

Please reply quick and thank you. my email is, would like to know what is going on.


Send an email, putting you are a “backer who wants ios beta” in the subject…

As the release date is approaching, they are busy so might be slow in responding…


I just got on beta this week… not via @tarun but through the email… so, speaking from experience you can still get on


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The process is as stared. However @tauran is very busy with many things especially getting the game ready for launch. As for getting an invite via email that is how it will ne issued which is via the test flight app that ios uses.

The mods here are all volunteers so please be considerate when attempting to insult us.

Thank you,


We all have the equal opportunity to make our choice on which platforms we use and all things have +/- so its up to us to decide what is important to us.
Either way this is not the fault of Devs.

No invites necessary for android early access on apps. If that is important to you then maybe its a reason to switch to android. Its a machine in our hands, not a person… Yet.


Contacted you directly @LightAce.


Not an insult, i am merely hoping to eliminate kneejerk panic of the devs. Many console games go downhill too quickly worrying about balancing tweaks. In some cases tweaks are valid or necessary but most cases it ruins games. Id call it the “EA effect” but its not so isolated.

Proxy42 has massive potential now and in the future and i dont want them screwing up so easily as other teams have. Real life, as reflected by their moto, is imbalanced but such creates innovative tactical and strategic thought because the imbalances in reality also cancel eachother out naturally. Sort of a form of mental/behavioral evolution effected by circumstances.

Example, my area has long sight lines and will likely become sniper dominant, but the same open spaces also allow for less funneled insertions. If a sniper gets to focused its easy to sneak behind joining a match late and suddenly the enemy sniper is just as exposed as his target. True balance through “mutual imbalance”.


For those of you who keep complaining about net getting the app invites for iOS, @tarun s usually always busy with stuff but I messaged @IamYourVirtualFather and he got back to me with an invite in less than a day, so that might be your best bet



I preordered my inceptor in march 2016 and I never recive it. I wrote lot of time and nobody wrote me back.
Someone could help me?

This thing happen also to a friend of mine.

Please check it out. Thks