Beta app invites


@tarun whats good man… my email is, and apple id is Thank you and cant wait to play game…


For some reason it is asking me to sign up or use the code, with starting with what fraction I want in(already picked evolved), then I get this small tutorial and ask me to sign in, I use my username IdaSlapter, but when I put my email and what I thought was the password. Do I need to be reinvited? My profile is ok on my iPad but my IPhone is gone! What domI need to do?


Hi @Kris_Lala!

You should be good if you recently updated the app. You may need to sign in again, but there is no need to reinvent a new character or anything. As for the code, don’t worry about it for now. It doesn’t actually do anything that affects the current beta, but it may be something that is utilized later :sunglasses: I hope this helps


@tarun PM sent in reference to beta app invite


@tarun PM sent in reference to IOS Beta app access. Hoping to get back on the playing board. Been a month or so since having to switch from Android… :thinking:



same i had an android device temporarily when i found out about this game. now i have no way to get on the game even thought my area is built up.

i have sent an email too. maybe 2 weeks has past and no reply as yet.

it has something to do with only 2000 max ios beta testers being allowed to join.


Hi, waiting for a beta app invite. I’m from Ukraine.


@tarun can help you with this.


@RaNar, @tarun hasn’t been on the forums in about a month and I’ve asked him for an invite twice now, once a month ago and once two months ago, is there any other way to get my app invite?
Thanks, Nick


You can contact @IamYourVirtualFather but @tarun is the best bet. I wish I could give a better answer. :frowning:


Firstly I’d like to apologise for clogging up the forum with this, essentially, shit post however i will continue anyways I was wondering if I had pm’d the right person about a beta key I msged @tarus and provided Apple ID as well as proof of purchase(due to uncertainty about being needed) Yet again sorry for a post that probably has a home but I don’t know what the home is


Hi @Jdwr10 yes you did contact the right person. I believe he’s flooded with work though. @tarun @IamYourVirtualFather


Thought that was likley the case I’ll keep stop being inpatient XD


@Jdwr10 no you’re right. I’ll check if it can be sped up for everyone.


Ok thx much appreciated


hey, just a follow up message just curious if you made it anywhere with the ios beta keys ima stay waiting till the end of the year if i have to XD (much hype many yassss) i was just wondering how it was going with the submissions


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@Jdwr10 hi there, I checked with Francesco if there was anything I could do in the ios beta process but no luck. He’s pretty active on the discord forum so if You’re not in there yet that might be your. Est bet to get ahold of one fast.


Thanks I’ll bare that in mind and check it out tomorrow is his discord name also Francesco or does he have a different name on discord


Hipstercaso on discord