Beta app invites


@Koriaz found no orders on IGG with this email


Hi tarum, i sent a pm, my id indeogogo is and appstore, i want to get the app thanks


Can I please get a invite, I would love to try this out, thank you


How do you get a indigogo email?


It’s indeogogo id which you buy the


So buy the inceptor, then I would get the invite,this is for iOS only I assume


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So buy the inceptor, then I would get the invite,this is for iOS only I assume

I’m waiting the invitation 4 days ago, i suposse That in this week, they will give us


Hello @Gunterboom, your invitation was sent yesterday, please check your email.

Rest will be processed tomorrow. thanks


Sorry, i haven’t see the Mail, thanks


@Gunterboom the email come from “testflight app” as sender, not from


I have iPhone. How i can play father io


Well first of all this is the wrong thread you used and secondly to enter the iOS beta you’ve got to be a backer of the game. If there are still some free slots and you are a backer then you can get into the beta version of the game by sending @tarun a PM.
Please read this:
Beta app invites


Finally I got the Basic badge! Just sent a PM :wink:


Just got mine now, badged, waiting for pm reply


please help me i dont know how to download at ios


Please refer to the original post in this thread :sunglasses:


Trying to get an invite…


Can anyone here help me get iOS beta invite!?!?!?


HI @Zamaupin11 I have moved your post to this topic.

For Android: The Android beta is an open beta, so anyone can join in by going to this page on their android mobile phones ( some users have reported that opening the page on PC didn’t work for them, but opening on phone worked for all ), click on ‘become a tester’ and you will see the link to download the app.

For iOS: Apple limits the number of beta app invites to 2000, and therefore we decided to limit them only to Indiegogo backers. We do have beta slots available, just PM me with your Indiegogo email address and your apple email id and you shall the beta app within 24 hours. If you are unsure about how to send a PM, please see this topic


@tarun HI !

Im a Brazilian Player, my name is Lucas, tank you for making such awesome game =D (i love u <3)
I’m having some problems, i’m trying to get the beta acess for my girlfriend, and i really want she playing the beta witth me …

Can you please help ?

Her apple email is