Beta app invites


It is saved on the account you login with…


Hello Tarun. I’m Hesei from Taiwan. I want to try the beta testing in iOS. Thanks. Apple ID :


I never recive any link. What kind of problem can be?


Hi @rEn @tarun must have missed your pm! Can you please send him one again? Normally he’s spot on but he’s been very busy lately.


it is back up again!

Also, @rEn can you send me a PM again?


Where the game?


The android?


@tarun I have sent you a PM requesting an invite a couple days ago, i was just wondering if you could get back to me :slight_smile:


Hello @ACGStorm,
Overlooked your PM earlier, sorry, getting to it and the rest now.


Thank you :slight_smile:


@tarun how can i pm i habe ios i want the beta , please help,


Yes, if you PM him, and there are any IOS betas remaining, he will give you a code :slight_smile:


thanks bro


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I’m waiting the invitation, how must time Cost?


My fiancé has an android and sent me an invite. I have an iPhone. If I donate to receive the beta invite will it still allow us to be on the same team?


If you have PM’d someone then they will reply back in the next couple of days. But I presume that as we are getting close to the first shipment they are probably swamped with things to do :slight_smile:




Hi Tarun, I would like to get a beta iOS App. My indiegogo email address and my apple email ID is


I’m waiting 3 days ago