Beta app invites


Yes. Do I have to wait until the next update or am I getting an email with a new code? :grin:


That should be for both


My email address for both is @Kris_Lala


@So90KaliLove @Kris_Lala have you sent these in a PM to @tarun ?
he might miss them if only posted in this topic.

@Sapper I honestly don’t know as I don’t have the beta on an apple device. But it would be strange if you’d have to wait until a next release!
Maybe he still has to do it, I can imagine they’re extremely busy.


@Sapper Please update your version of FatherIO via TestFlight app.
@So90KaliLove Sent, check your email !


@tarun the beta app doesn’t show up in my TestFlight app, and the email won’t give me my access code :sob:


Updated TestFlight and FatherI.O updated, thanks so much! Oh for people having issues IOS makes a lot of red tape and hoops for the devs to jump through, be patient, they will get to it but sometimes not the devs fault. They are ready on their end for certain updates, Apple has to do its quality control protocols before it allows FatherI.O to update.


Hello Tarun. How do I private message you me e-mail address for the beta on Apple? I’ve bought 2 sets. And I’m a member of indego


Become a “member” of the forum. spend a few minutes viewing the posts and giving out likes and you will unlock the PM function. After that, click on @tarun or @IamYourVirtualFather and send them a private message. They will take care of you after that :slight_smile:


can’t really wait to get the beta App . can I have access pls … looking forward to play and have some action …


@HHaidar Take a look at the directions in the first post of this thread. If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I’ll help you out :smile:


Doesnt that mean that smartphone user ps has an advantage over IOS users. Im an IOS user and it pains me to wait for the open beta :’(. Smartphone userss so enviouss!!!


Will do.


reading all the hassle of IOS and Beta i am so happy i am a Android user :laughing:


Same here


If ever i open the game using an android phone, can i open it later on ios? :slight_smile: will all the data from android be transferred and opened in ios?


I’m à iPhone gamer, and i had no problems


It says the open beta on Android is full?
I have backed it, is there no way i can get in then?


you would have to pm @tarun for the link to activate your account while its in beta that would be the only thing. not sure how you would do this but he would be the one to ask
i think the ios would just need the same email for it to link properly??



but what if I play the beta game on android, and then once the app has been released in ios, and i want to play using ios, are all the data on my android game under beta game be played on ios when the app is available?