Beta app invites


For ios beta it is better to PM @tarun


Still unable to send a pm, I was a beta tester on android but I now have an iPhone, can you please pm me


Hey, please send me a PM including your Indiegogo email and your ios email, will re-add you.


just spend like 10 mins going through forum content and you will be able to send PM


Hey so I got in and I know that it’s been limited to the backers but I was wondering if I could get a code for a friend I bought a four pack if that makes a difference or not?


Hi +Kris_Lala. Have you installed the Beta version yet? So far yours is the only post I’ve seen referencing Las Vegas. Next time you’re planning to be in town, let me know. I just installed it and I don’t know what I’ll find when I leave home tomorrow. This is so exciting!:laughing:


Yeah it is but if your gps is too bad to spot you its slowly getting annoying :wink:
It’s still fun to get the recourses but conquering new tiles is hard.


how to get app ?


@labaso06 I have moved your post to this topic. The first post all the way at the top of this page should answer all your questions.


It is funny that for download app I need to pm you and for pm you I need to write, read and other stuff on forum…but if i didn’t play the beta app how can I partecipate to forum? :slight_smile: this so funny.


@rEn Welcome to the Forum!

you only need to request a Beta slot for iOS via PM.
This is because due to apple’s policy an open beta is not possible.

To block malicious bots and accounts being created to PM spam everyone a small action of almost no effort is required.

There are multiple ways to get the rights to PM but the easiest one is the following:
Browsing the forum for a few minutes and getting to know the community will make you earn the ‘basic’ badge with which you acquire the PM functionality.
There are multiple people without a Beta slot participating actively on the community and are enjoying themselves.

Edit: some funny things you can do for example are introducing yourself, checking out if there are other people from your region, take a look at the artwork section or even play the two word story game. (the last one actually is funny)


Thank you Kaj…it was just for fun…I had already ask for beta app.

Thank you very much for your replay. See you soon


What is life without some fun anyways? :smiley:


Exactly :joy::joy::joy::joy: see you soon


I will definitely get ahold of you when we have more to test. Right now is seems to be claiming blocks and resources only so claim as much area as possible and I’ll try to link Bullhead and LV with square I acquire!


Did I do something wrong, my Apple IOS beta stopped working? any help?


@Kris_Lala what exavtly is going on? You can start a topic with more info in the issues/bug section of the forum.


It says “Father I.O” beta has expired!"


Just send a pm to tarun @Kris_Lala I think sapper had the same issue (apple right?)


Yes IOS!