Beta app invites


Please check your email, invited you :slight_smile:


got it. apparently limited resources in atlanta


Can you send me another for the other inceptor? I would like to be able to test raid functionality along with use on an iPad Pro.


Hey want also an invite for the iOS Beta i got the Beta on android but switched the Phone ,)
Hope i can Grab an invite because since registration on Indiego no result so far:(


Still cannot find a PM button… can anyone help me?


Please see this: Users unable to send messages to other users

@Stevenious Sure!

@Huggybear187 Same email ID?


same backer email address (I purchased the multipack)

beta test user forum Id: killadstroy


@Tarun so here’s an interesting question: i have two iOS devices-iPhone 6s and iPad Pro - can these two devices be associated with one account? how will the Apple Watch be used with the same account as well?

I also have my roommate Killadestroy who is getting the other interceptor who would like to play as well. We were going to test the faction interactions.


I sent a PM. Please let me know if I need to do anything else to get the chance to try the beta.


means I have to at least get the basic badge first


Done and waiting on the reply now


Check out more posts from other people I got mine within a few minutes of trying


Sent my PM to @tarun 21 hours ago! Only 3 hours to go before the 24 hours mentioned. Gods I hope I get it today. I plan on inspiring an epic community’s in Phoenix. Why you ask?

“This is what I do darlin. This is what I do…”

(Movie title anyone?)


Woohoo!!! Just got my iOS beta email!
Thank you!!!

Read the post about how to gain message privilege above, send the requested info mentioned in the same post, and check your email in 24 hours. He’s a man of his word.

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Hi i was wondering if i could still get in the iOS version of the app? does anybody know


They have a limited amount of slots. However, last I heard they were still looking for more. @IamYourVirtualFather is the one to contact about the iOS slots.


thank you so much?
i really want to play the game


HI @Nitrox.5 you can send a PM to @tarun

I moved your posts to the request topic.


Hi i know the beta for ios is limited for backers but is there any way to let me in? i am a boy in LA and i know a lot of teens who are going to invest in this game; and we ar all goin to play , i am also going to buy an inceptor but my mom wont let me buy one yet. so if you could take this in to consideration, Thank you. @RaNar @IamYourVirtualFather @Kaj @tarun @Sapper @Hacker


@IamYourVirtualFather can you provide me with another d/l Code? I’m upgrading my phone due to a cracked screen. Also is my account locked to my current device ? if so how do I change it?z