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Lately i have seen a good number of requests/instructions for the beta invites, hence this post for a quick recap.

For Android: The Android beta is an open beta, so anyone can join in by going to this page on their android mobile phones ( some users have reported that opening the page on PC didn’t work for them, but opening on phone worked for all ), click on ‘become a tester’ and you will see the link to download the app.

For iOS: Apple limits the number of beta app invites to 2000, and therefore we decided to limit them only to Indiegogo backers. We do have beta slots available, just PM me with your Indiegogo email address and your apple email id and you shall the beta app within 24 hours. If you are unsure about how to send a PM, please see this thread.

On a side note, as many of you have already noticed and pointed out there haven’t been a new update to the app since the last month because right now we are very focused to engineering the FPS gameplay part. You can see this video to gauge our progress.

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Thank you for addressing this @tarun. Especially the part about the fact there was no updates for a while. I have seen a lot of panic surrounding this but I believe the new gameplay video has silenced the panic.


how do I msg you ? as I am a backer but yet to get a invite to the app. =(


I sent you an email because yea, I don’t know how to PM you either lol XD


I would also like to be a beta tester. I am rural but go to Las Vegas at least once a month(so if planned events in big cities were to happen it’s only 1.5 hours to drive there and I would just to play this game and meet other players). I don’t know how to PM or email you but would gladly give you my info(not on an open thread of course). I run on IOS, thanks for your consideration. I have beta tested for City of Heroes and City of Villains, Aion and Skyforge, I love to see what things do and how they work and think I would make a good candidate.


How do I PM you? I can’t find a way to send PM. I’m a backer, and would like to have access to the beta app on iOS. But since I haven’t receive my inceptor, I wonder if the beta app is of any use…

BTW, sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I wonder how there are people already playing this game worldwide - as indicated on the territories map, while the inceptors are still in production? I know there must be some pre-production units to be used for testing, but I didn’t think that those are used worldwide, even in a very remote area. Or perhaps it doesn’t need an inceptor to claim an area?


When you click on Tarun’s avatar or name you’ll get a popup UI with a blue button saying “Message”.
Clicking this will create a PM directed to Tarun in which you can add your request.

Unclaimed territory can be claimed without an inceptor. All you need to do this is the tactical map app which is currently in beta.


Thanks for the info. However, I’dlike topoint out that the link sends to the artwork section of the forum, even when using the phone
Thanks, and keep up the good work


Thanks for pointing that out @CJ74 I’ve adjusted the link accordingly.


Working now :thumbsup:


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Thanks, this answers my question.


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Same, I also haven’t gotten my one yet either.


All received invite requests have been processed, if i missed someone, just ping again on PM. Thanks!

Also, big thanks to you @Kaj for resolving the PM issue with users


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im still unable to post pm and I’ve replied to multiple threads and spent more thwnn10 min


I ordered two L33T Team Packages for a group of players here in Hawaii. Many of them have iPhones and had applied for the beta, but have not received a response (as explained above, only Indiegogo registered backers got a response).

Can I send someone the emails of these players that paid me to purchase the packages so that they may start playing? They are very motivated and can start helping me to find secure locations to hold battles, and also find locations that are hazardous to avoid.


Hello Sapper,
As mentioned in the first post, please send me info for all of them, including the email the L33T perk was bought from.