Best smartphone to buy


Nexus 5X would be my bang for buck atm, but i’m biased and all.

My 2 cents, spend em wisely.


I’m getting a 404 error. Would you be so kind to check that? :smile:


Phones are getting so big… Just go for a smart TV.

Haha just kidding! There are lots of decent phones out there. Look on amazon - any 8 core with android 6+ and 2+ GBs of ram should do. This statement will be completely out of date by summer 2017.
BTW, don’t buy fresh fruit from the electronics section of any website. It never works out in the end.


Bought an OnePlus 3 and it is really a decent devices. What I never expected is that the data migration is so easy with apps. you can transfer all kinds of staff to OnePlus 3 from the old phones. That is so convenient.


I just purchased the iPhone 7 plus. I Iove it. Can’t wait to merc some evo :sunglasses:


Will work with my iphone 6s?


Yes the app will work on most iPhones, but any apple product is set to be unusable in 3ish years, so just get a Galaxy S8, or any other android phone that is 600MHz compatible (5g).

Source for iPhone statement: my Nexus 5 is running lineageOS 14.1 without problems, and my family member’s iPhone went BOOM during a system update.


Although many of my friends are using iPhone, but i am used to using Android phone , because the Android device is much more flexible, especially compared to iPhone device , we can transfer app from Android to Android in a short time,


That’s definitely a great feature for the Android, but it doesn’t have much to do with the actual game itself.

Maybe if we came up with some criteria to rank each device. Something like…

-App speed?
-Wireless connection speed?

-Visual quality?

What do you guys think? :sunglasses:


Hi. Help me to choose right phone, for good money. I wanna make gift. Need something with good cpu, ram, plenty storage space for updates, software and apps, good camera, and etc. I prefer samsung, but you can recommend me and other brands. Need good, powerfull device, for price, but don’t hurting quality too much. Oh and one more thing, it must be new 2016/2017, maybe comes something new soon, so better wait? What do you think about samsung s8, s7, s7 edge?


I moved your post to this existing thread.

Also, my iPhone7plus has been working great for me. I’ve taken it all over the world with me and all I have to do is pop in a SIM card and it works great. It’s still fast and reliable. I haven’t experienced any glitching caused by the phone, but the battery does drain fast if I keep the brightness high.