Best smartphone to buy


Hello everyone, I’m Windows Phone user and I want to buy a new smartphone with android on it for play also bought the noob slayer pack, and I cant use it on wp)
Can someone please suggest me wich one should I buy?
This one seems good but I want to know what you guys think, and if you have more suggestions about best buy. (I want to stay around 200€)

Thanks in advance.

Best smartphone 2017

my opinion, choose iPhone :laughing:


I’m not an expert at all (my phone would give you nightmares) but you could try the OnePlus X. I just read it’s like the best option if you don’t want to waste too much money.


The Moto g series looks good or depending on timeline the Lenovo phab 2. Or the Nexus 5x if project Fi is an option for you


Nope. don’t buy that phone. If this game proves to be anything close to other similar games like some Niantic counterparts, you will want a removable battery and definitely a longer lasting battery. Also, don’t give in to the iPhone vs Android thing. If your budget is around 200€ ($221 USD) you really want to get an Android simply because its cheaper and offers the same as an iPhone in terms of bells and whistles. I recommend the Galaxy J7. It says its around 250€ but i believe its a bit cheaper by now. Nice size screen, removable battery, and runs on Marshmallow OS (compared to Kit Kat) If anything, don’t get an LG, they overheat too much and too fast.


I would definitely get the OnePlus X or one of their other phones, amazing phone for the price, the OnePlus 2 is $300 US and it has better specs than the iPhone 6S. OnePlus X is hands down the best cheap phone you can buy.


IMO: I think that you should look for a phone that matches your play style. Obviously a larger phone would help you see the target of you’re trying to shoot from afar. Small phones would be lighter and less visible, good for run and gun maybe, or even medics.

As for battery life, just make sure you have a couple external battery cases that you can use (one charging while using another).

Think “paintball” style :sunglasses: Players choose markers and accessories based on their play style/position. In this case, you should choose your phone and accessories based on what you wanna do in the game :grin:

I wonder how people would look playing with iPads or tablets :joy:


Im gonna play with the iPad pro xD


Get the OnePlus 3. Very fast graphic processor with 6Gb ram and 64Gb storage. Dash charging will charge your phone 80% in about half an hour. best bang for the buck you can ask for.


I dont think the holster will support an ipad pro


SO I’ve been thinking about this recently, and I’m thinking about going for the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the edge for my next phone. My iPhone5S is awesome, but I’ve come to find out that it is too small for my hands. Also, since I’ll be making videos I think it would be better to get an Android.

Anybody with a Samsung Galaxy S7 have a hard time recording their screens and playing games at all?


Smartphones with 6GB of RAM space and though we are presently wondering if we really need a mobile phone with whooping 6GB of RAM but trust me on this in the near future 6GB RAM smartphones will be the common playground for most mobile phone manufacturers and anything with 1-2GB RAM storage will be laughed off. check out the list of best 6 GB RAm phones you can buy right now


Easy to record screen during gameplay with android. Best bet would be the flagship (aka S7 or edge) depends on your preference


My carrier is Verizon and I’d like to keep it like that. Unfortunately, none of the phones that @vinay123012 listed in his article is supported by Verizon :frowning:

Android is definitely what I want next. @vinay123012 You seem to be very knowledgeable in this area. Which phones/devices would you recommend Verizon users use to play Father.IO? :smiley:


Android Mobiles are also good for use, i personally use Android phone, it works best.:slight_smile:


It all depends on your budget.
Iphone’s trump card is that they have less devices to be tested for the iOS app so you’re almost always sure that an iOS app will work for your device. You pay high money for it.

On the other hand it is possible to get an android with better specs for the price of an apple product but there you have the risk of android acting up with some apps on your device. (this has gotten much better over the years)
Android has more superuser possibilities and a lot more customization if that is what you’re in to.

Personally I’ll continue going with one of the samsung flagship devices as I have for years.


Would you say that running a screen-record app would slow your games down?


It will definitely have an impact on apps that already require a lot of resources.
If you plan to do recording then you should look into getting a phone with above market standard specs.
Atleast that is what I expect for the FPS aspect of the game.

This is only speculation however as we haven’t had enough hands on experience with the FPS part and performance of the game.


If u will be doing screen recording go with a specced out phone like the OnePlus 3, which had 6 GB of ram and a good CPU and GPU. The screen is 1080p with a gpu that can run 4K no problem, so u shouldn’t experience any graphical lag or slowness.


If you are not a heavy gamer - i think MotoG4 and OnePlus 2 and 3 give amazing quality at good prices. The thing is European tax makes them costlier.
In india i can get the G4 Plus at EUR 186 but the same in Italy costs EUR 250.