BattleLanguage for Public


Have you ever thought about what happens when you scream “take Cover!” Or “Fire!” In a train Sation or Airport.


But public places are nice for
I think we need a special language for
"Take Cover",“Attack”,“Fire”,“Medic”…

Only for such commands
A whole own language would be too much, But anyone can learn 10 words

The first thing we need is the list of words that we will probably need all the time

Then we can think of words for the Battlelanguage

Attack (Montka)
Overwatch/Feuerschutz (Kass)
Cover/Deckung (Runa)
Retreat/Rückzug (Nanraa)
Reload/Nachladen (Yanoi)
Medic (Yeldi)


Nice idea but I think people will probably use military speech without thinking about it. Or they’ll communicate in game. One or the other.


Probably but you can always say there you tried


I think most teams will run sort of comms so you wont really need to be yelling much hopefully.


Good point Wolfy. That may happen too.


Is it possible to make calls in FPS mode? Then you could use a headset, the small one for a single ear

I also hope that nobody will shout something alarming that could cause chaos. That would really not be good for the reputation of the game


This is a great idea, but maybe as a team TTP (Tactic, Techniques, and Procedures). You might even be able to run a tournament where players cannot speak at all. :sunglasses:


Zello FTW…or discord…or many things…