Backers treatment


To : @IamYourVirtualFather and to whom it may concern…

I have been waiting for almost 10years for a re imagining and bringing laser tag into the 21st century…
I jumped on it soon as I could loving the concept and even trying promote it when I could… The campaign ended in a smash way way over goal and the ideas presented getting it into production were greatness.

Then the waiting began… And a bit before the first ship date was supposed to be. We found out there would be a delay. And it was a good reason for delays a Bluetooth chip issue would have caused huge issues… Good job guys… During all of the we also get a update about the Brookstone Partnership… And I knew right then we got a problem… They have a bad reputation in the crowd funding world is a understatement… But still remained hopeful… Then fcc and other regulatory delay… The handling of it was a issue on its own with lack of communication and meaningful updates and as I understand it the tester company was Brookstone recommended… But it got completed and OK OK they should be out “soon” nope… As a further and almost worst insult possible to backers shipping was botched so badly that Brookstone had interceptors on the shelf before we got them… The last update does not even mention this slap in the face to backers… Much less a apology.

All this done with seemingly empty apologies and no attempt to make it up to us.
They are going out now yes… I should be ecstatic but what little I feel tastes like ashes… Hopefully that changes when my interceptors do show up. But not sure… Many people who were going to buy have watched the issues and may not now. This may make the interceptors of little use unless lots around me bought em in stores or online that I will need to meet rather than an established group…
I hope when I get mine I get my socks knocked off…
But at this point expectations are at 0 level…

Please make this right and improve your relations with the community that is hopefully going to grow. It will die quickly and just be another short lived laser tag system if things are handled this way.

Please address this.

, Xhozt


although i agree with most of this! this is not a topic but more of a slam @IamYourVirtualFather
think if your going to specifically do this, a message would be better way to go. now if you wanted to start a debate or conversation about this! that would be a much better approach.


want to lock this thread or deleted i have message personally and there is no need for this thread here!



This is a request for a explanation that has up until now been ignored and not actually asked on this forum . The last update completely ignored the fact they were on store shelves before most backers got them . Also there is a report button no need to tag all the mods…
Further more is is not in violation of the rules to request a direct answer of someone .


Hey bud. I understand where @Stunkcuf is meaning about it being a slam. And with that said, I can see it. And did take it as such. But I also see where you, @xhozt, are coming from. Hence why I’ve left it alone.
It is a request for information, however blunt it’s put. This isn’t something the Mod team can answer to. So if the devs or FF want to answer it, then they can. Since it pertains more to them then the Mods.


Thank you for your understanding.


No worries just 20 diff post same topic same sht so what do I know…


All this waiting and we still don’t have a game. Sure we can shoot at eachother but that’s it.

Where is the storyline ?
Where are game machenics ?
It doesn’t look like that these delays at least meant more time to develop the core game storyline.


What story, bro? It’s a laser tag game. Get your friends together and get creative.


@MunchnetNL @NukeTurtle … Not the point of this post guys . .