Artwork can be more than just images (B34ST stories)


Some people are terrible with pen and paper or drawing software.
Everyone has their own skillset however!

I’m sure there are people with loads of other talents, composing music, video editing or even fanart story writing!

Fan story writing

Once more info on the storyline is published I will start writing fanstories fitting to the the real storyline.
The stories I will be writing will be about B34ST, a human resistance cell and their adventures (based on real life actions and gameplay).
The stories will be posted in the artworks but will also be featured on the (now empty team) page.

The real life members will thus be featured in the story but will be merged in the fantasy/sci fi setting.

What are your artistic skills and are you planning to do something?


@Kaj already joined lol


Oh haha, there’s not much to see on there yet and it will probably become a site where only members of the cell can log in to see planned events etc.
So for the stories and stuff you won’t have to log in.


Hey it happens kaj i cant do much but im here for ya


Can I join even though I’m Evolved? :slight_smile:


Really no point in joining as I’ll make it accessible to everyone in the future.


Ok nice :slight_smile:


Good idea. I’m a author in progress. Have a novel in the works. Over 500 pages. Still not finished. I might take this idea and do my own version. Never thought of it. Good work. And you can bet your behind that I’ll be checking into it to see the story.


Help me write about a top secret organization within the Human Faction, without writing about a top secret organization within the Human Faction :joy:

The world need not know of our existence, except for high ranking officials within the Human Faction. Who should I talk to about that?


To Francesco. O.o He’s the main guy for that lol.


Good luck with that!


What’s the link bro? Lol. Or is that not going to be available until the fps?


I believe it’s


Saved it to my bookmarks.


was just thinking of add that they came out with before. came up with this messing around in Photoshop.


@Kaj it would be kind of awesome if you could find an evolved group close to you that writes a story of their team. :smile: