Are pre-downloads an option? No cellular data


So, I have a REALLY nice Amazon Fire phone.
Yes, the discontinued phone.
It plays the beta app marvelously, but has a broken SIM card slot.
Will I be able to play FatherIO (fps mode) without a data connection?

Can I download the data from a WiFi hotspot before I play?
I really want to play this game on an iPad mini too, but I can only use wifi on it.


This post seems like it has the answer. Haha, and I can’t tell if you were using sarcasm when you said ‘REALLY’, but if so, that made me laugh.


Yes, it was sarcasm… But the phone does run the game pretty smoothly!
I did read that post, but I was trying to ask: "when do I need internet?"
I could temporarily hook the internet-less players up to a mobile hotspot before the game starts.
My Fire Phone has wifi, a compass, high accuracy location, and GPS.
Without cell data, will that be enough?


The game code uses your phones GPS data and a small transceiver in the Inceptor itself to generate the distance and location data needed to ensure accurate targeting. Because of this it is necessary for the app itself to access the internet. This will allow Inceptors too far away for transceivers signal to still communicate. The upside to this is a constantly updating battle-intel network that will allow for really cool team-based strategies and accurate sniping with the inceptor. The downside to this is that in areas with slow internet or poor cell signal it will be IMPOSSIBLE to really play.

TL/DR: It will run on just wifi with no real issues.

EVENTUALLY*** there should be LAN party capability via having all parties link their Inceptors to a common WiFi router.


I was under the impression that stuff was transmitted between phones. Am I wrong?


I also have an Awesome Nexus 5… Does anyone know of a plan that is SUPER BASIC and you can load like 5 GB of data (prepaid) onto the phone?

I intend to explicitly block all data for everything except FatherIO.