Anyone from Munich/Germany?


Hups, i joined the humans, didn’t see that the topic was in the Evolved faction :sweat_smile: :open_mouth:


No problem :slight_smile:


I think a G+ group is also a good idea :slight_smile:


Oki doki :slight_smile:then i’ll create one.
but noboy is joining the group :slight_smile:


Ok cool :slight_smile:
I think it just needs more time


We now also have a G+ Community.

And just like with the Facebook-Group, everyone from Germany (Team Evolved) is welcome to join :slight_smile:


@Neikl @Andylicious @eryne

We understand that people love their home / mother languages, and we do not have a problem with you talking in German here on the forum, just whenever you do, please supply an english translation along. Takes only 5 seconds to copy paste from Google translate :slight_smile:


thanks for the hint, again. we understand that and we are not writing in German any more (as you can see) :slight_smile:


Oh! I’m sure Tarun has overlooked my post about it! Easy as this is such a popular topic :slight_smile:


Nana, i saw the earlier topic, my post was more to encourage people to talk in native languages if they wish to :slight_smile:


Oh ok :slight_smile:
Well, we just gonna stick to English :slight_smile:
Guess it’s better that way.


I am from Frankfurt, seems pretty lonely here.


Hi … Ich bin von Darmstadt. Kennst du sonnst noch jemanden.


Also from Frankfurt / Auch aus Frankfurt