Anyone from Munich/Germany?


Hi Guys, I was wondering if there are already players from Munich around :slight_smile:
Happy to hear from you all :slight_smile:


Im actually not from Munich but GERMANY! I’m a Human based in Cologne, NRW!


Nice :slight_smile:
Go Evolved :slight_smile:


don’t forget to use this map as reference too:

still not in real time, but soon you should expect a lot of this interactive tools for playing / managing the community.

Idea for facilities gameplay (Site like a Intel for ingress)

The page is nice :slight_smile:
Amazing how many users are playing this game already.
Altough the zoom does not work yet but I’m sure you guys are working on that :slight_smile:


Thanks! use the mouse scroll wheel for zoom in/out :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s what I did but I thought I could zoom further into my country :slight_smile:


cool feedback, thanks!


Not really Munich but only 80km to the West. Near Kaufbeuren.

Keep it yellow!
As usual Fight Blue! :smiling_imp:


Hey guys! I also just started having a look in this community here.
And I’m from Augsburg, the town of the fuggers :wink:
Looking forward!


I`m from Saxony near Chemnitz
Hope I find some nice players nearby :wink:


Greetings from the center of Germany: Kassel :wink:

Edit: Oh shame on me ^^ didn’t noticed that the thread is in the evolved section :joy:
hehe, in this case: greetings from the other side :innocent:


@Neikl @Andylicious @eryne

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Sorry @Kaj… we figured that since only the Germans are writing here we could just switch to german :slight_smile:


Sorry guys, even though I understand german of this level we have to be strict and apply the rules for everyone to prevent this place from becoming an uncontrolled mess. Thanks!


Message received :slight_smile:


So… I just created a FB-Group for Evolved Germany.


Sorry @Kaj that was my fault this will not happen again :slight_smile:

Cool @Andylicious I’ve sent a request


I’m again inviting everyone from germany to join our FB-Group.

Also I thought about creating a G+ group. I used to play ingress and all the organization was done with G+.

Let me know what you think about that :slight_smile:


I’m from Munich and I am happy to tell you that you have at least 2 enemys there :slight_smile: waiting to take your territory.