Account newbie question


i’m sorry for the question, I had access to tactical map beta since first release, but i don’t remember any account. I remember give me a code for download the app, and in the app it was simply written, “enter the beta” i don’t remember any account and password, is possible retreive my account, if that exist?


There are only two ways for you to have been playing the Tactical Map beta: (1) registered via email, or (2) Facebook. As far as I know, the Facebook login for the Tactical Map beta wasn’t even working, so the only way would have been through registering an email address.

The best advice I can give you at this time is to re-register with any email addresses you might have registered with and wait till the full release to see if your resources transferred over. If they didn’t then it’s probably one of your other email addresses.

Hope this helps, and please provide us an update when you think you’ve fixed it or followed up with this issue at a later date. :sunglasses:


i’ve played to tactical map, but the “retreive password” in the new client, refuses all my email adress :frowning: