Accessing Game Map


Is there a way to access the game map?
Or is that no longer a part of the game? Buildings, upgrades, drones… Those were the biggest selling points to me.

I had problems logging in… but then somehow it says I am logged in… without a way to figure out if I am logged in correctly. So I am just hoping that I’m glitched out and when logged in correctly, will have access to the map?


The game map is being worked on. Right now with the inceptors shipping that is the focus and work will resume on updating the map based version.


It’s weird that we’re two weeks into the official launch and all the new potential users are missing out on half of the game. :\ right now it just seems shallow


i started up a match with the interceptor there is gps location and a google map of the area. Map is located in bottom left. Also have arrow indicators for your team and i think with opposing team still setting up and trying it all out.