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Will there be a separate private match mode aside from the actual game itself? kind of like call of duty I would like to see this implemented if possible for players that may want to play little more competitively, but no matter what team you choose it doesn’t affect the main gameplay aspects. Where you can add friends and switch up teams (no bonuses or other things that help with the actual game) so we can play our own “game modes” whether it be, CTF, or even free for all (just run around a park or woodsy area and shoot everyone, lol). Oh and possibly one more thing, will we be able to have an “overkill” like in cod to be able to have 2 primary wepons (ie smg/sniper)? Or is that only “class specific”.


That you put more rivalry, apart from getting territory, that the best players and those who have more time have advantages and better accessories like weapons or things like this, so each player will want to be better than the other