About inceptor connection and blinking pattern


The player has a lot of options to have the Inceptor connection idle - be it tabbing out of the game, playing a long single player session or just staying on the main screen for a while.

Currently not all of these situations are handled perfectly by the app, which can lead to apparent “inceptors disconnections” at the start of a multiplayer game.

In truth the connection has been lost much earlier, but the game won’t detect it until you’ve joined (or hosted) a multiplayer game.

I’ve found that the Inceptor will cycle through three colors (white, blue, dark blue) on the main screen of the app if the Inceptor is connected successfully.
If the connection drops, it will stay on one color.

So, do yourself a favor and check the LED pattern before joining (or hosting - especially when hosting) a multiplayer game. If the LED stays at one color, restart the app, and go through the Inceptor connection process again. It just might save you some frustration