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My understand.
General info.
Father.io id AR FPS and AR RPG game about Human and infected A.I.(Evloved) which you can start a war with your teammate to claim enemy’s area which can build buildings to get resource. Resource can use to upgrade your weapon and class.

Did I misunderstand somewhere?

There is 2 mode in apps.

  • Quick match : fight with friend and anyone who want to play with and not depend by team(Human or Evloved) up to 16vs 16 or 32ffa. Need inceptor.
  • Headshot game : Just test camera with assault rifle by shoot someone’s face on camera. Doesn’t use inceptor.

Did I misunderstand somewhere?

  • And how about wars between Human and Evloved

Tactical Map

  • Where is it?

FPS machanic

  • How many class? (as soldier not drone controller) What does each class do? What does each class weapon?
  • Is there more weapon than above? What is it?
    Upgrading and others
  • Is threre an upgrading system?
  • Do I have to pay more to get more weapon/class?

Tactical Map machanic

  • Where is it?
  • How big of each area?
  • How to claim an area including enemy’s area?
  • What can I build?
  • How many I can build? Does it include landmark that already have building?

Edit more here

  • How about Fraction balancing (I asked but I want answers that about at this time.)
  • Will father.io be an esports?
  • Will bunch of inceptors sell again?

I want to get all answers on each question.
If can’t ,it’s fine.

R.I P my grammar


All good questions.

I have answers to some of them, others are unknown at this point.

Answering all of these will take a bit longer (possible until tomorrow), so give it some time. I’ll come back to you if nobody’s answered til then.


Thank you.


Right. You need the inceptor to play quick match. Right. The headshot game is a mini-game to kind of “test” the current FPS app. As for wars between H & E, each Player can choose between which faction they want to join. When the quick match mode is available, you’ll be able to fight against Players from the opposite faction.

The Tactical Map Beta was released last year. However, since the release of the FPS app, the Tactical Map Beta was discontinued. The Full Version Tactical Map will be released at a later date. One step at a time, Player :wink:

There are currently 4 classes to choose from: What are the all classes. If you’ve been a backer since the Indiegogo Campaign, you would have received numerous updates via email. If not, you can also check out the updates here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/father-io-massive-multiplayer-laser-tag-app#/updates/all. Scroll through and you’ll find the “easter eggs” for each class, types of weapons, and future plans :wink:
Yes, you will be able to upgrade various things in game using resources that you will be able to collect in the Tactical Map (which will come out later); or if you’ve been a backer and played the beta, then you should have some stored up for the rainy day :wink:
There may be in-game purchases, but the development team is doing their best to keep this game away from being “pay-to-win.” :sunglasses:
As for classes, you will be able to play each class whenever you like! However, by default, each class levels on their own. The more you play one class, the more likely you are to level that class up! If you’re a backer who has the “class change” perk, you will be able to level all classes at the same time! :sunglasses:

Faction balancing as in…? Each Faction has their strengths and weaknesses (search the forum and other pages for specific details). If you mean number of Players in each Faction, that will depend on the Players themselves. You feel more aligned to Humans, then you should choose Humans. If a whole state decides to choose Evolved, then they will have an easier time defending their territories, but will have to venture outside of their safety to hunt Humans!

eSports is definitely a goal! Not just for the development team, but for the community as a whole! We want this to reach that kind of level. But how? That is on us to decide! :sunglasses:

Inceptors are currently available to order! You may not receive them for a few weeks, but they are available for purchase.

Hope this helps, and if you don’t mind could you edit your original post to reflect which questions of yours were answered. Thank you :sunglasses: