A question about human faction


Hi guys, I see a lot of posts lately that says about the human faction and I wanted to know what they mean. Are there humans for example, or something else? And how can I join them?


at the begging of the game you can choose between human or evolved.
humans are like the resistance of the society, and evolved are the goberment and military stuff


@finnz pretty much boiled it down. Similar to “The Matrix.” I kinda want to see how the story line makes the Evolved look like the good side. I walked into it thinking, “Oh, this is the evil team. Let’s be a rebel, most people won’t choose this side.”

This video may shed some light on how the story starts. I really want to see the story-line constantly promoting the Evolved side, but there’s always this nagging feeling that the Humans might be right. Like, I want the story line to sound like a corrupt government status report.


Being how humans would be guerrilla militias i think its best to take from reality that some militias are good and positive but the government will setup and emphasis mishaps involving collateral casualties and will find not so well meaning ones which become addicted by local power over who they claimed to protect. Society becomes divided. Some people of public are sold that bots are progress, some feel like maybe the resistance originally was well intended but is just too haphazard and would rather comply to stay alive. Then there are hardcore supporters of the resistance at all cost.

This makes it much more grey i feel. Humans could win a match but in some cases be demonized life if accuracy below a certain standard maybe.


Playing for 3 days now, I’m going pretty well if I say so myself…! Btw my place in Beverly Wood / Beverly Hills, and I live in a gated community, so good luck getting through a real gate haha, human master race :joy: