A Game without interceptor


Dear Father.io management,
Please update this game without interceptors,
I’m from India and I and my friends cannot buy interceptors to play the game.We were waiting for this game for full development.
So, kindly take this as a request and update with normal camera as well as interceptors as some them bought it,so it is difficult to update without interceptor,but update with a normal camera also in multi-player.
Kindly take this as request and update the given suggestion.
Thanking you,


Here is what hipsterpercaso (the developer of this game) has said about this idea in the past:


You must understand that inceptors are not a camera, there’re an infrared light and our phones don’t have this


This game is reliant on the interceptor, and wouldn’t work without them. In the single player mode they aren’t required. Maybe you can download a AR Lasertag game while you wait for your order to arrive like everyone els if you orderd them late. I’ve received my interceptors are they are worth the wait :+1:t3:.