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[Solved] Black screen while playing the FPS with Inceptor after update 2.1.1 (4)
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Hitting, when it definitely shouldn't (imo gamebreaking) (2)
Sync bug (timer and device standby) (5)
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No sound unless recording screen (1)
Possibility to see username ingame (4)
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Invalid QR Code resolved (1)
Unable to change username when signing in from Facebook (1)
Low Framerate after signing in (5)
Low Framerate after pulling down notification bar (1)
Bug at the end of Headshot Game (2)
Headshot mode issue (4)
Camera shows upside-down (inverted) (11)
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Is the quality difference between game and camera really supposed to be that big? (3)
Auto-aim and Crosshairs shift when aiming (1)