TestFlight Expired FEB2017


There was a bug in the tutorial a while ago that I posted about making me unable to actually play the game. I tried to log in today to see if it had been patched and now I get a message saying this: “Father.IO” Beta Has Expired. Is the beta offline because it is going to be fully released soon or something? I play on an iPhone 5c btw and when I go into TestFlight it says “No iOS Builds Available”.

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Yes, the beta has expired for iOS but will be refreshed soon. This has happened numerous times in the past and all the dev team has to do is resubmit the app so that we can play. BLUF: It’s coming back on soon! :sunglasses:


Okay, thank you


How do I get the newes version


Version of what?


Good evening I have been beta testing the game it says my beta has expired but I didn’t get a update


Refer to this thread: TestFlight Expired FEB2017


Still no TestFlight refresh :confused: Whats happening? As an app developer, I know this is only a 5 minutes task for someone on the dev team to sort out…


Hi @Scorch.
This was addressed in the Discord channel. They are currently fixing an iOS bug in the tutorial before setting up the testflight again. They are hoping to have it back up after the bug is fixed. They do sejd their apologies for the delay.


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