QR Code can't use again


I’m playing this with my friends,so good of experience,but when my friend scan the QR Code to access the Laser tag,the QR Code just use once!I scan it again and the app tell me invalid QR Code,I want to play it with a lot of friends,I can’t ask each one to buy the Laser tag of QR Code,could somebody help me?


Hi @Chinshing
the QR code activate the inceptor per account (username / password) and can’t be used multiple time. We are working on a temporary and permanent inceptor sharing feature.
Just use the same account you used for sharing, with other friends phone.

here’s more info: https://proxy42.freshdesk.com/solution/folders/35000162283


hi all,
I have connected my Inceptor to my mobile phone and now he suddenly wants another scan!.. wanted to do it but always comes message “INVALIT QR CODE”!
My solution: I scanned the code of a second INTERCEPTOR and was able to continue running the program for the quick match.
I then closed the game and uncoupled the 2 connected Bluetooth Interceptors in the mobile phone.
Then I found old Interceptor via my mobile phone and connected it again.
Afterwards I started the Father App and the PROGRAM also found the acceptor again and went on to the QUICK MATCH.


Yes @Whorlok you don’t need to scan the qr code again - as long as you are using the same login credential


We hope that you can disconnect the device from the user and psw so I can try to friends who then if they like if they can buy (Because some are afraid that it will not work on their device because I am old type Samsun S3)
Thank you:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: