Inceptor won't connect

  1. Huawei p10 lite
  2. Ver 2.0.6
  3. I activated the inceptor with the qr on the box, but the inceptor won’t connect, the app only shows the inceptor logo flashing, I press quick play, says connecting and nothing happens. I tried restarting the Bluetooth, restarting the phone and reinstalling the app, no changes


I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S8. Getting the same issue here


one question to rule this out: did you guys charge the inceptors before trying to connect?


Hi, the lite version of Huawei has a Bluetooth problem with their driver. They accept very fast advertising but they can’t maintain such fast operating speed. We are preparing an app for this android that will update the firmware in order to let the Inceptor communicate with the smartphone with higher advertising time.

Eta is January, most of the app is ready. We’ll post the link here in the troubleshooting section


I activated 2 inceptores. one on a Xperia XZs , that one was working one day. second one acitvated on a Xperia Z2, thisone accepted the QRCode , but never connected.

Now both are not connecting.

V. 2.0.6
Android : 6.0.1(z2) and 8.0.0(XZs)


p9 lite with version 2.0.7 still no connection…first it says connected and then after few seconds it says disconnected again…
only got it connected to nexus 5x…but need 2 players :slight_smile: